Industry Analyst Relations Training

Training for Spokespeople


A briefing session between a technology company and an industry analyst company is a critical interaction. Get it right and accolades may ensue. Get it wrong and a vendor's hard won reputation could be in tatters.

Similar to media training, this highly interactive training session prepares a vendor's senior-decision makers for communication with analysts. During the 1:1 session, which is similar to a briefing, a decision-maker will discuss the presentation they plan to communicate to the analyst community. In response to this, the decision-maker will be questioned in more detail about the presentation. Feedback will then be given to help improve a vendor's communication skills.

Benefits of the training include:

  • A better understanding of industry analysts, how they function and the type of information sought
  • Portraying a spokesperson and his/her organisations in a much more professional light
  • Improving the likelihood of industry analysts being captivated by a vendor's communication

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