Public speaking training: One to one

For those who require intensive training in public speaking and have the complete focus of the trainer, then 1:1 tuition is provided. This is conducted in a supportive and encouraging environment.

The training will examine the key principles of public speaking, such as:

  • Keeping an audience's attention
  • Structuring a speech
  • The voice and vocal variety
  • Effective words
  • Body language
  • Use of props
  • Good use of Powerpoint as a prop
  • Speaking to time

Public speaking training: Healthchecks

Whilst attending a one-day training course in public speaking is advisable, good public speaking is only achieved through continuous practise and receiving feedback from a skilled public speaker. Public speaking healthchecks are offered to those who have attended our public speaking courses and who wish to continually sharpen their communication skills.

Read comments from past public speaking delegates.

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