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The Effective Professional - Communicating with Confidence


Speaking in front of others in a meeting or more formal environment is many people's greatest fear. Yet it needn't be. With guidance and practise, all of us can be accomplished communicators and public speakers.

These days the ability to communicate well to an audience of 1, 10, 100 or 1000 can help to ensure personal and professional success. Selling yourself at an interview; presenting a new product or service to colleagues, prospects or customers; motivating staff; persuading management to accept a proposal; capturing and holding the attention of media, analysts or investors. In each of these situations good communications skills are of vital importance.

The purpose of this one-day course is to equip people with communication skills that will be invaluable in work and everyday life. Conducted within a supportive and encouraging environment, this intensive one-day course helps delegates to feel relaxed when speaking before others. The course focuses on:

  • Speaking before an audience to time
  • Impromptu speaking (so helping when attending meetings or dealing with Question & Answer (Q&A) sessions
  • Delivering a speech
  • The importance of vocal variety
  • Selecting the right words to communicate ideas
  • Organising thoughts into a logical sequence
  • Learning the value of gestures and body movement
  • Learning the value of props
  • Being a Toastmaster / Master of Ceremonies / Chairperson

The training points covered will not only provide an insight into communicating confidently in English but, to underpin the training points, British poetry, history and culture will be highlighted too.

That said, to build confidence, delegates are encouraged to be exactly who they are, celebrating their own unique culture and identity.

Delegates will benefit from the tuition of a trainer who was an unconfident, shy, introvert but who is now a Past President of one of the UK's oldest public speaking / Toastmasters International (TM) clubs; is an Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG); and was an award winning public speaker at the UK & Ireland championships. At the end of the session, each delegate will be provided with a comprehensive booklet that delves deeper into the art of public speaking.

Benefits for organisations / delegates:

  • Improved communication skills when speaking to audiences of 1 or more people
  • Increased motivation and confidence
  • Improved ability to capture and hold the attention of others
  • Improved corporate image due to better representation of an organisation
  • Improved external and internal communication
  • More effective execution of presentations and work

Number of delegates: 6 maximum, to maximise the amount of practise time for delegates (it is the only way to learn this key life skill).

Investment in your personal development : £550 + VAT per delegate (last place offered at 50% discount)

Contact us to reserve your place.

Note: We have helped a team going on the BBC's Dragons' Den to win £100k of funding. And a team from a world leading architecture practice to win a major award on a global stage. And we have helped some of the world's coolest brands. c1000 people, of all nationalities and various walks of life, have attended this training and 100% feedback has been positive.

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